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At Modscape, we have been helping a number of local councils and government bodies by delivering inclusive and accessible public and municipal buildings.

Modscape is committed to working in partnership with external architects, local councils, stakeholders and the community, leveraging its collective knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the project.

Some of our key projects in this sector have included buildings such as regional police stations, fire station facilities, administration buildings and more. The prefabricated modular approach is highly beneficial in helping these organisations save both time and money so that they can focus on delivering their invaluable services efficiently.

We work with clients throughout all stages of a project – from the initial planning phase all the way through to the installation and services connections – and all stages are coordinated by the one dedicated team.

Many community-centered projects have involved the local community in a collaborative approach throughout the design process to foster a sense of ownership and commitment to the ongoing success of the facility.

Prefabricated modular construction can play a major role in providing local, state and national government bodies with a more efficient, reliable option to regular construction methods.

We can create standardised design guidelines and features so there is consistency and coherency across multiple sites. In doing so, there is less documentation and management, which results in a tighter control of costs.

Please contact us on 03 9316 6000 or info@modscape.com.au to discuss your next community project.