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With local, state and national sporting clubs across Australia requiring upgrades and new facilities to keep up with the growth of their clubs, Modscape’s modular solutions are paving the way for innovative sporting facilities.

Modscape is committed to delivering modular sporting facilities that meet the needs of the community from a design, cost, quality and project delivery perspective.

With modular construction, minimal disruption to the sporting calendar is achieved as the majority of the construction is undertaken off-site. Once the building is installed, it’s operational and ready for use in a matter of weeks.

From the layout to the architectural features of your modular sports facility, every element of design is carefully thought out and reflective of your needs. You’ll enjoy complete design flexibility and peace of mind knowing your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

All modular sports pavilions comply with Female Friendly Sport Infrastructure Guidelines and the Australian Standards for Access and Mobility. Floor plans and building specifications are also developed to ensure comfortable, private and safe environments for males and females.

Modscape designs and builds modular sports facilities that are a practical and valuable asset for the community. Contact us on 03 9316 6000 or info@modscape.com.au to discuss your sporting club needs and how a modular solution can work for you.